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PGmatrix LiveShip Kit


• hiPSC 3D cell cultures
• hiPSC cell encapsulation
• hiPSC Spheroids/organoids ship alive

PGgrow is a supplemental solution for 3D culture of pluripotent stem cells (i.e., iPSCs, PSCs, ESCs) in PGmatrix-hiPSC. PGgrow is optional but highly recommended for hiPSC culturing in PGmatrix. Without PGgrow, It is the user’s responsibility to choose appropriate growth supplement.

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PGmatrix-LiveShip (PG-LS or PG-LS-hPS) facilitates the sending and receiving of fresh spheroids and organoids under ambient conditions. The fresh spheroids or organoids are immediately ready for downstream applications such as drug screening, bioprinting, and stem cell differentiation into somatic cells. In addition, shipping spheroids alive cuts out valuable thawing time required with traditional cryogenic shipping. The physiological functions (i.e., gene expression, pluripotency, and differentiation capability) of live shipped cells are perfectly maintained. A PG-LS or PG-LS-hPS kit consists of a vial of the PGmatrix nanofiber solution, a vial of the PGworks trigger solution, and a vial of PGgrow (for PG-LS-hPS kit). With PGmatrix, cells no longer suffer acidic or chilled conditions, cultured cells and spheroids are easily harvested from the matrix, and all operating procedures can be completed at room or body temperature in neutral pH. To view using protocol, click here. To view video for cell encapsulation, as well as spheroid and organoid isolation, click here.  To view case studies, click here