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PGmatrix 3D Suspension hiPSC Kit


• One kit (8 mL) support 6 wells of 6 well-plate hiPSC culturing
• Scalable manufacturing of physiological 3D spheroids/organoids of hiPSC
• Conditioned medium collection

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PepGel PGmatrix3D-SUSP-hiPSC (PG-3DSUSP-hPS) is a powerful biotool for the large-scale manufacturing of physiological 3D hiPSC spheroids and organoids in a lab bioreactor setting.  It is incredibly easy to encapsulate cells and isolate spheroids and organoids. For example, using a PG-3DSUSP-hPS kit 3D culture for 5 days, with a seeding density of 1×10 5  cell/ml, one 6-well plate can produce ~50 million hiPSC (~700,000-750,000 spheroids with diameter ranging from 30 um to 50 um). After harvesting, spheroids and organoids can be used directly for various downstream tasks such as drug screening, bioprinting for tissue engineering, and somatic cell differentiation. A PG3D-3DSUSP-hPS kit consists of a vial of nanofiber solution for 3D suspension culture (PG-3DSUSP-hPS), a vial of the PGworks trigger solution, and a vial of PGgrow-hiPSC. The PGmatrix nanofibrils are formulated into a basic or a customer desired cell culture medium in neutral pH. A 3D microenvironment can be formed accordingly for spheroid or organoid growth. With PG-3DSUSP-hPS, cells no longer suffer acidic or chilled conditions or severe shearing force from stirring. Cultured cells are easily harvested, and all operating procedures can be completed at room or body temperature in neutral pH. To view using protocol, click here. To view case studies, click here.