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PGmatrix BioInk Kit


• 3D cell cultures
• 3D cell encapsulation
• bioprinting by pipetting or printer

PGgrow is a supplemental solution for 3D culture of pluripotent stem cells (i.e., iPSCs, PSCs, ESCs) in PGmatrix-hiPSC. PGgrow is optional but highly recommended for hiPSC culturing in PGmatrix. Without PGgrow, It is the user’s responsibility to choose appropriate growth supplement.

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PGmatrix-BioInk (PG-Ink) takes advantage of its unique features, including shear-thinning, rapid gel-recovery (self-healing), and tunable gel strength capability, to offer the best cyto-compatible hydrogel for  advanced tissue engineering and organ biofabrication via 3D bioprinting techniques without using light or chemical crosslinking agents. A PG-Ink Kit consists of a vial of the PGmatrix-BioInk nanofiber solution and a vial of the PGworks trigger solution. PGbioInk kit creates a microenvironment mimicking in vivo ECM for cells growing and migrating in a 3D manner. All operating procedures can be completed at room or body temperature in neutral pH. 

NOTE 1: The PGmatrix-Spheroid (PG-S) kit with similar mechanical properties and cyto-compatibility as the PG-Iink kit can also be used for 3D bioprinting by following the PGbioInk protocol. 

NOTE 2: A PG-Ink kit can also be co-printed with light sensitive polymers such as Poly (ethylene glycol), diacrylate (PEGDA), or Gelatin Methacryloyl (GelMA) for bioprinting into large scale constructs with the aid of UV or visible light crosslinking or any other bioinks. For co-printing with PEGDA or GelMA, PGworks is not necessary. To view protocol, click here.  To view case studies: one, two.