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hiPSC 3D Manufacturing and Live Shipping

hiPSC Manufacturing

PepGel PGmatrix3D-Susp-hiPSC (PG3D-Susp-hPS) is a powerful biotool for large scale manufacturing of physiological 3D hiPSC spheroids (3D colonies) in a lab or in a bioreactor setting. It is incredibly easy to encapsulate cells and isolate spheroids and organoids with this tool. For example, in only 5 days and with a seeding density of 1×10 -5 cell/mL, one 6-well plate can produce ~50 million hiPSCs (~700,000-750,000 spheroids with diameters ranging from 30 um to 50 um). After harvesting, spheroids and organoids can be used directly for various downstream tasks such as drug screening, bioprinting for tissue engineering, and somatic cell differentiation. With PG3D-Susp-hPS, cells no longer suffer acidic or cold conditions or severe shearing forces from stirring. Cultured cells are easily grown and harvested using operating procedures that can all be safely completed at either room temperature or 37°C in neutral pH.

hiPSC Live Shipping

PGmatrix-LiveShip (PG-LS) allows for the sending and receiving of fresh spheroids and organoids under ambient conditions. The fresh spheroids (3D colonies) are ready-to-use for downstream applications such as drug screening, bioprinting, and stem cell differentiation into somatic cells. In addition, shipping spheroids alive cuts out valuable thawing time required with traditional cryogenic shipping. The physiological functions (gene expression and Pluripotency, and differentiation capability etc) of live shipped cells are maintained perfectly.

Manufacturing and live shipping products

Relevant publications

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