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Spheroid Service Request

Spheroid 3D Protocol Development Service Request Form

  • We start with your characterized cell line, cell culture media and supplement;
  • Allow us two weeks for optimizing the spheroid culturing condition within PepGel after cells are received;
  • The report will provide the optimized culturing parameters (PepGel type, PepGel concentration, initial seeding density, culturing stage for spheroids harvest), and spheroid morphology taken from lab microscope ;
  • The produced cell spheroids can be shipped back to customers or we can perform the direct cell spheroid fixation in PepGel (surcharge) as you desired.

Charge rate: We charge $1000 per cell line for the spheroid culturing optimization within PepGel. If you prefer two or more cell line co-culture, we charge $500 per cell line for additional cell lines.

Spheroid expansion (Surcharge): Mass spheroid production is also provided, over thousands of spheroids with desired uniform size can produced within 2 weeks. Please describe your specific needs in the space provided below, or if you require more information or a price quote.