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hiPSC Cell Expansion Service

Human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) are a promising source from which to derive distinct somatic cell types, such as hepatocytes and myocytes, for either in vitro or clinical use. The genetic integrity of hiPSCs has been an issue for downstream applications such as disease modeling, cell therapies, and drug screenings. Using the patented PepGel 3D culture platform, we are able to mass produce or expand hiPSCs with genuine genetic integrity, and to maintain them undifferentiated.

The superior quality of our hiPSC service can be seen in our testing results for teratoma, karyotype, and gene biomarker analysis, each of which show viability higher than 95%, and spherical morphology (see here). We also have the capability is to expand cells from millions to billions within one month at an affordable price. The hiPSCs we produced can be cultured either in traditional 2D methods or PepGel 3D model system or other existing 3D model systems. PepGel guarantees the quality of these services, and we offer a complete refund policy if we do not meet your satisfaction. For a quote, please click the link below.