PGmatrix Spheroid Kit


  • 3D cell culture of various cell types
  • 3D Cell encapsulation
  • Drug release
  • High throughput drug screening
  • Bioprinting by printers
  • Bioprinting by pipetting
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The PepGelTM PGmatrix-Spheroid (PG-S) is a powerful research biotool for 3D cell culture that produces high content physiological spheroids (3D colonies or organoids) with in vivo like bioinformatics at the exosome-level according to RNA sequencing analysis. The PGmatrix-Spheroid kit is specially designed for short or long term growth of spheroids in a large range of tunable gel strengths for various cell types including cancer cells, stem cells, and normal organ cells.  PGmatrix-Spheroid is a self-healing hydrogel that supports the bioprinting of cells, spheroids, and organoids into patterns by pipetting or extrusion printers without post-printing crosslinking aids.  The kit consists of a vial of the 2-4% PG-S  patented peptide nanofiber solution and a vial of the PGworks trigger solution and a vial of PGgrow (optional for hiPSCs). The PGmatrix nanofibrils are formulated into a basic or a customer desired cell culture medium in neutral pH. A 3D microenvironment can be formed accordingly for spheroid growth. With PG-S, cells no longer suffer acidic or chilled conditions; cultured cells are easily harvested from the matrix at a gel content of less than 1%, and all operating procedures can be completed at room or body temperature in neutral pH. To view using protocol, click here. To view video for cell encapsulation, as well as spheroid and organoid isolation, click here. To review case studies, click here.